Realize the benefit of ClearAg functionality in your own application through embedded ClearAg Components


ClearAg Visualization Components are widgets that combine weather, water, soil and crop health data from the ClearAg APIs. The components clearly present rich information in an easy-to-understand table, chart or graph.

ClearAg Weather

Access ClearAg Weather for premium crop canopy and field-level information for US and international farms

ClearAg Weather Maps

Access ClearAg Map Tiles for detailed domestic and international weather

ClearAg Global Soil Conditions

Access ClearAg Soil Conditions for multi-level soil temperature and moisture, available worldwide

Growth Model Widget

A graphical representation of the project growth for a particular crop at a particular location as well as the percentage likelihood of frost occurring.

Upcoming Spray Window Widget

A graphical representation of forecasted upcoming spray windows, displayed as red, yellow, and green colors indicating poor, marginal, or good forecast, respectively.

Soil Moisture and Topsoil Temperature Widget

A graphical representation of 0-10 cm soil temperature and soil moisture, and 0-200 cm soil moisture for a particular field.

ClearAg Mobile

ClearAg WeatherPlotTM

ClearAg Insights

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