The most adaptive, open digital farming platform for crop analytics.

The ClearAg Platform combines weather and agronomic data with proprietary land-surface modeling and machine learning to solve complex agricultural problems. Companies use the ClearAg Platform to simulate field conditions and determine how new products may perform on a crop given certain weather and soil conditions. Growers leverage the ClearAg Advisories to determine best times to plant, spray, fertilize and harvest.

ClearAg Solutions

Seed and Crop Protection

  • ClearAg APIs and Components
  • WeatherPlotTM
  • ClearAg Insights


Ag Retailers

  • WeatherPlotTM
  • ClearAg Insights

Allied Providers

  • ClearAg APIs and Components
  • ClearAg Insights

The ClearAg Difference

International Coverage:

ClearAg provides crop canopy-level weather conditions, multi-dimensional water dispersion, localized soil information, and crop health content for US and international farms, at up to 1km x 1km resolution

Next-Generation Land Surface Modeling (LSM):

Iteris is the only weather information and data science company to employ state-of-the-art LSM technology to agronomic problems and crop production

Cutting-Edge Application of Machine-Learning to Agriculture:

ClearAg utilizes a proven ensemble-based weather approach. The platform provides both numerical processing, weather observation ingestion and human curating

Multi-Modal Access to Weather, Water, Soil and Crop Health Content:

ClearAg is the only field-level weather and soil system that offers the flexibility of delivery through APIs, Components, or Mobile Apps

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News Releases

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    Let’s consider that a continuum is an environment where everything is interconnected; variables of that environment are not partitioned off or segmented. Every aspect of that continuum is interrelated and influencing one another. When you look at a management work zone in ag as a continuum, we can identify how …
  • Iteris Launches ClearAg Irrigation APIs for Efficient Water Management

    ClearAg’s EvapoSmart and IMFocus APIs to Power Field and Turf Irrigation Management SANTA ANA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jul. 25, 2017– Iteris, Inc. (NASDAQ: ITI), the global leader in applied informatics for transportation and agriculture, announced ClearAg’s EvapoSmart™ and IMFocus™ application programming interfaces (APIs) to provide environmental content in support of precision irrigation …
  • Breaking Down Predictive Analytics

    In general, predictive Information falls into two categories – projections and predictions. At Iteris, one of the most common projections we deal with is climate data. We take past information and project that into the future. For example, looking at Figure 1, which plots surface air temperature, the white area …

Our Customers

Minnesota Association of Wheat Growers
Minnesota Association of Wheat Growers
SST Software
SST Software

The goal of our neutral intelligence platform is to empower growers and agribusinesses with critical insights derived from field-level and supply chain data, creating value for all participants in the supply chain. Plugging in this vast, proprietary set of weather, climatology, and soil data from Iteris will make those insights more precise, accurate, and contextually relevant for our customers.

Graeme McCracken

Chief Operating Officer, Proagrica

The integration of Iteris’ ClearAg Platform content into the SST system will provide our customers with the precision weather-based information needed to minimize risks and maximize productivity.

Beth Clarke

Director of Product Management, SST Software.

As an innovative leader in the agriculture industry, we value an environment of collaboration and work with external partners to deliver leading farming solutions to our customers. This partnership with Iteris will enable us to further leverage our global expertise to deliver best-in-class digital farming services to our customers.

Tobias Menne

Head of Digital Farming, Bayer

ClearAg Mobile allows you to monitor all key processes for a successful growth season, whether it be monitoring soil conditions or reports from the fields in terms of crop health. It’s also a time saver, as the information is easily accessible to multiple people and available whenever you need it. You can draw conclusions as to how a field is progressing and address concerns before they become too big to handle.

Daniel Palen

Consultant, Lawrence, KS

ClearAg Mobile is a good way to organize your data and crop timeline each year. The Scouting advisor helps you to make year by year comparisons by location, within a field.

Robert Anders

Retailer, Lucerne, CO

I find the app useful and a good way to scout the fields and evaluate crops without actually having to be out there in the fields all of the time. The scouting advisor is a valuable tool to get exact coordinates, write notes and share those with my agronomist. On a daily basis I would use the forecasts – weather, wind speed, soil temperature – as these are critical to my operation.

Darrel Martin

Grower, Mount Joy, PA