What’s the weather worth to ya?

As Spring approaches, growers are thinking about crop planning and allocating input expenses. To maximize their investment by streamlining costs and improving yields, the right precision ag technologies can provide data-driven recommendations that are critical to farming operations; in particular, weather data is a top (if not the top) reason for crop damage and yield loss.


At Iteris, meteorologists, scientists, and crop experts work together to not only aggregate and standardize terabytes of weather, environmental, and agronomic information, but our subject matter experts leverage their respective expertise to correlate the data to agriculture applications. As a result, for customers looking for weather information, Iteris’ ClearAg Platform provides weather information (historical, current, forecasted) in agricultural context.


If you’ve followed our previous press announcements, we recently announced our partnership with QBE NAU to provide weather, wind, and soil data to improve crop reporting and reduce crop loss. Together, QBE NAU and ClearAg technology will provide agents and their farmer customers with critical field-level insights to proactively mitigate risk and prevent crop loss.


The ClearAg Platform includes robust advisory tools including:

  • Planting advisor
  • Pest and Disease Advisor
  • Crop Health Advisor
  • Harvest Advisor
  • Historical Weather Advisor


With weather being the number one determining factor of yield, we are able to provide detailed and benchmarked insights for your farming locations.


Request more information to learn how ClearAg can help you and your customers mitigate risk, prevent crop loss, and stay proactive before weather events occur.

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