WeatherPlot is a comprehensive and location-specific (anywhere in the world) weather and soil data analytics application designed for Crop Protection Companies, Field Research Professionals, and Agronomists.

Clear Insights WeatherPlot Screenshots

Mobile optimized for use in the field, WeatherPlot provides data-driven and science-backed recommendations to:

  • Streamline and improve seed and chemical R&D trial processes and results to ensure crop health and improved yields. Researchers can access critical and relevant environmental conditions for field trials without the need for internally developed software, and better manage logistics of field trial visits and data collection.
  • Augment grower-reported product inquiries and claims regarding crop damage or failure with comprehensive environmental data that quickly and accurately correlates with product application timing and performance, while reducing the need for multiple in-field investigations.
  • Support agronomy advice for critical farming operations, from seed selection to fertilizer and chemical treatment, to product performance evaluations. Serve multiple growers in a region with the ability to save up to 100 locations.

WeatherPlot is:

  • Mobile-optimized for field use
  • Location-specific with the drop of a pin
  • Includes 35+ years of daily historicay weather and soil data, and 9 days of forecast data for any location, globally
  • Allows users to export and share relevant data
  • Designed to save up to 100 field locations for future use

For more detailed information, download the WeatherPlot 3.0 Technical Specifications