Current and Forecast Weather

This bundle is designed for organizations that need basic current and forecast weather conditions for purposes such as:

  • Providing users with weather information through your company’s applications
  • Delivering current and forecast weather information for your company’s own agronomic models

Endpoints provide data for any location in the world, and include:

  • Current Conditions
  • Real Time Rain Gauge
  • Hourly Forecast
  • Daily Forecast
  • Nowcast
  • Precipitation Summary
  • Frost Forecast
  • Growing Degree Days


Historical and Climatological Weather

Historical information consists of an archive of past current conditions as a series of individual times or dates. Climatological data refers to long-term statistical values by combining multiple years of data for the same date, time and location. This API is valuable for organizations that need to analyze or compare past environmental conditions to evaluate product performance, as well as product nutrient or chemical application strategies for optimum crop growth and health.


Endpoints include:

  • 5, 10 and 30 year daily climatology (previous complete calendar year is the end of the sample period for each of these)
  • Daily Historical (all variants except the Daily Historical Hail)
  • Frost Risk
  • Hourly Historical

Hail History

For users interested if hail has fallen at a location (e.g. crop insurance) these APIs provide point data retrieval from our radar-derived likelihood that hail fell. Available where radar coverage is available:

  • Contiguous United States
  • Southern Canada
  • Australia
  • Western Europe


Endpoints include:

  • Daily Historical Hail
  • Hourly Historical Hail


Weather Map Tile Overlays

This bundle provides access to various content in the form of image tiles suitable for use in interactive maps based on the Google Maps coordinate and tiling system. The service provides graphical rendering of a subset of the same gridded weather and soil content that powers the ClearAg weather and basic soil APIs. It is designed for display of recent, current and forecast basic weather conditions, geostationary weather satellite imagery, and radar data in interactive maps typically seen in mobile and web based applications.  For available overlays and other information, please download the product information PDF below.