The Future of Soil Health & the Plant Microbiome

Iteris will be at the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit on March 28th and 29th in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Jeff Keiser, VP Strategic Sales & Marketing for Iteris, will speak on the panel The Future of Soil Health & the Plant Microbiome.

This panel discussion will help attendees appreciate the importance of the soil’s influence on holistic crop health and productivity, as well as the contributions and opportunities that technology has to drive progress in this area across the industry, and across the globe.  In recent years, many new crop protection products, especially seed treatments and soil biological products, have been introduced into the marketplace.  A great many more compounds are in various stages of development, and large and small companies alike are anxious to get these commercialized so that farmers and society at large are able to reap the benefits.  In addition to this, crop producers and environmentalists are increasingly focused on sustainable crop cultural practices, such as cover crops, residue management, and soil tilth, in order to improve soil conservation and preserve the world’s precious topsoil resources.

Panelists represent decades of experience in crop protection, ag product retail and distribution, agronomy services, ag equipment, ag research and even media.  The panelists expect to address industry myths and introduce provocative views that have the potential to spark debate, while supporting and driving future innovations.

Panelists include:

Session Chair:

William Buckner, CEO & President, NOBLE FOUNDATION, USA


Don Marvin, President & CEO, INOCUCOR, USA

Scott Uknes, Co-CEO, AGBIOME, USA

Jeff Keiser, VP Strategic Sales & Marketing, ITERIS, USA


Learn more about the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit here.


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