Improve your bottom line and increase customer loyalty
with premium data analytics


Crop Science organizations are under increasing pressure to deliver new and better products in the ever changing agriculture market, and compete more effectively to maintain and grow market share and revenue. Iteris has designed targeted and proven solutions for Seed and Crop Protection companies to improve your bottom line and increase customer loyalty.

Iteris is unique in the global agribusiness industry in its offering of an open, scalable, and flexible infrastructure that ensures reliable and efficient delivery and ease of integration with third party applications. We use science and data-driven approaches to help with environmentally-sensitive crop life-cycle management decisions from planting through harvest.

Our solutions include APIs, Components, and targeted purpose applications that are designed to help you:

  • Increase sales within distribution channels
  • Improve product efficacy based on environmental  conditions and application windows
  • Build customer loyalty with value-added services and  products
  • Reduce the cost of product performance claims
  • Support R&D in the development of new and  innovative products

ClearAg APIs and Components

ClearAg WeatherPlotTM

ClearAg Insights