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ClearAg® Mobile is a grower analytics application that leverages weather, water, soil, and crop growth information to equip growers with field-specific advisories that help improve the management of crop production operations.

Powered by Iteris’ ClearAg precision farming platform, ClearAg Mobile puts comprehensive, precise, and relevant information in the hands of growers to significantly improve logistics, productivity, and profitability – and ultimately maximize crop yield potential.

ClearAg Mobile Benefits

  • Understand the past to improve the future of your crops.
    ClearAg Mobile provides access to 30 years of historical weather conditions to better understand patterns and trends from previous growing seasons.
  • Access important advisors all from one device.
    Plan and manage planting, spraying, fertilization, and harvesting fleets with current and forecasted spray and field workability windows, and optimize your workforce on an hour-by-hour basis.
  • Be well-informed anytime, anywhere.
    ClearAg Mobile monitors user specified fields’ soil moisture and temperature levels; stay informed without ever visiting the field.
  • The more data input, the better yield output.
    ClearAg incorporates user-driven feedback in its growth models to help growers more effectively plan scouting, spray and harvest activities for better yields
  • Share critical data right from your device.
    ClearAg streamlines the communication process by allowing users to quickly alert field staff and consultants to take prescribed or reactive actions. Minimize yield loss by ensuring timely actions are taken to manage risk.

Crop Health & Growth

Better manage crop health and growth stage progress with ClearAg’s wide variety of growth models based on seasonal (past, present, and forecast) and weather-sensitive growth metrics, backed by science and relevant data.


Track leaching and loss of nutrients in soil by better understanding how water moves through soil layers with ClearAg’s throughput models.

Pest & Disease

As crops reach critical growth stages within the growing season, canopy wetness may harbor increased hazardous risks. Manage these risks with ClearAg canopy wetness data.


With ClearAg Mobile, growers can utilize field-level conditions around soil moisture and soil temperature to better plan for the planting season. Use forecasted data to schedule planting timelines and synchronize hired help and equipment.


Store scouting reports in one central database on your mobile device, including geo-located photos and scouting notes. ClearAg Mobile enables easy sharing with consultants and staff for quick action to reduce risks.

Soil, Weather & Water

ClearAg uses proprietary land surface models to deliver soil temperature and soil moisture and surface level weather analytics. Save time by reducing the number of visits to the field.


Track and benchmark day-to-day activities by field, and find outlying variables in higher producing fields by comparing specific activities and weather.


ClearAg provides 30 years of historical weather conditions to assist agronomists in understanding year-over-year product performance. Strengthen application prescriptions for next season by analyzing past performance.

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