ClearAg’s Irrigation APIs enable localized, predictive irrigation analytics to help customers perform water budget calculations, establish more efficient irrigation management and improve crop and system performance without the requirement for additional hardware. Using precise meteorological data, proprietary soil information and plant-specific models, ClearAg Irrigation APIs are uniquely configured to meet the specific needs of irrigation solution providers.

EvapoSmart Irrigation

Provides the necessary precipitation and crop-specific evapotranspiration data, utilizing crop coefficients, that are needed to complete water budget calculations in the absence of detailed soil and crop growth stage information. This service provides data for any location in the world.    

Endpoints include:

  • Basic Irrigation Hourly
  • Basic Irrigation Daily

IMFocus Irrigation

Utilizing proprietary ClearAg Focus modeling capabilities, IMFocus tracks all sources and transitions of water for the plant root zone, including irrigation activity, and predicts when soil moisture values will reach limiting and critical levels in the crop root zone itself. It accomplishes this by taking into account soil texture class, plant root growth and field terrain information to come up with a holistic solution that optimizes irrigation decisions. 

The IMFocus data feed includes evapotranspiration, root zone depth, root zone moisture, and other multi-depth parameters for more precise and predictive analytics based on field-specific conditions. 

The IMFocus scheduler provides irrigation recommendations, energy expense, water expense, energy usage and water usage on a per irrigation event basis. For agriculture applications, ClearAg IMFocus currently supports nine different crops. Please refer to Appendix A for the current list.

This service provides data for any location in the world, for any period beginning January 1 of the previous calendar year through nine days into the future.  

Endpoints include:

  • Irrigation Conditions with Custom Analysis Hourly
  • Irrigation Conditions with Custom Analysis Daily
  • Irrigation Recommendation with Custom Analysis hourly
  • Irrigation Recommendations with Custom Analysis Daily
  • Irrigation System Properties
  • Irrigation Activity