Crop Growth Models

ClearAg’s crop growth models combine user-provided information with the ClearAg field weather and soil data to provide past, current and projected plant growth stage information specific to a particular crop planted on a specific field during a specific timeframe. Many field and crop management decisions and risk assessments are highly dependent on knowing the growth stage, and this service is designed to provide this information without the need for visual scouting. However, if observations of growth stage are made, most of the crop growth models allow user feedback, which recalibrates future projections. Refer to Appendix A, Supported Crops and Features to see which crops are supported.  

Endpoints include:

  • Crop Growth Model
  • Crop Growth Feedback
  • Crop Growth with GDD Envelopes

Crop Harvest Modeling

Delivers precise and relevant data and modeling to improve the management of harvest activities and grain drydown costs. Specifically, ClearAg harvest modeling estimates grain drydown rates using field-level analysis of weather conditions and user-supplied measurements of grain crop conditions, and estimates mechanical drydown cost through robust modeling. Please refer to the Harvest Drydown Modeling column in Appendix A to see the list of supported crops.

Endpoints include:

  • In-field Drydown
  • Mechanical Drydown
  • Drydown Facility Properties

Crop Nutrient (Nitrogen) Decision Support

The ClearAg Nitrogen Advisor simulates the various processes of the nitrogen cycle that impact the availability of nitrogen to the crops. The model is based on a combination of proven algorithms from several industry models for simulating the nitrogen cycle. It allows for the provision of several types of field-level activities, including fertilizer treatments and soil sample results, containing information such as soil nitrate and organic matter levels, as well as soil pH. Crop growth and the corresponding crop parameters of importance are simulated based on user-specified location, relative maturity and planting date via the Crop Growth Models. Please see the Nutrient Modeling column of Appendix A for the list of supported crops.

Endpoints include:

  • Nitrogen Advisor
  • Field Soil Sample
  • Fertilizer Treatment