Iteris, Inc. is offering colleges and universities with agriculture programs the opportunity to participate in ClearAg University.

As a leader in providing information solutions to transportation and agriculture markets, Iteris looks forward to providing students with access to its leading precision ag application, ClearAg. As a result, students can enhance their research with current and historical agronomic information, leverage real science reporting, capitalize on quantitative analyses to further support their studies, among many other benefits.

Specifically for graduate and postdoctoral students, ClearAg University offers professional enrichment through its fellowship program. ClearAg University Fellows benefit from a mutual exchange of knowledge and understanding about agronomy, data science, meteorology, and technology as it relates to precision ag.

What is ClearAg University?

ClearAg University provides top agriculture colleges and universities the opportunity to enhance students’ educational development with access to real-world applications and professional fellowship opportunities.

ClearAg University features two programs: ClearAg App for Students and ClearAg University Fellowships.

ClearAg University Fellowship Program

The ClearAg University Fellowship Program provides graduate and postdoctoral candidates with the opportunity to pursue advanced work across a wide range of academic disciplines supporting agriculture. The ClearAg University Fellowship Program enables scientists, agronomists, and engineers to conduct cutting-edge research as it relates to solving complex agricultural issues.

Please email for information about the application process, eligibility criteria and program length.

ClearAg App for Students Program

Iteris offers the ClearAg App for use by students at colleges and universities with an agriculture program. Students at qualifying institutions may obtain a 12-month license for the ClearAg App at no cost as part of the ClearAg App for Students Program.

Please email to request student licenses for the ClearAg App at no cost.

ClearAg University Benefits

  • Experience with and exposure to Big Data tools and services
  • Internet-of-Things (IoT) integration opportunities
  • Vehicle of integrative research
  • Cooperative projects among multiple schools and/or institutions
  • Potential for sponsored research projects