Irrigation-specific data to optimize irrigation planning and management


Farms, municipalities, golf courses and sports complexes are focused on ways to reduce irrigation costs while improving crop, landscape or turf health and growth. ClearAg’s Irrigation APIs enable Solution Providers with targeted, predictive irrigation analytics to help their customers perform water budget calculations, establish more efficient irrigation, and improve performance without the need for additional hardware.

Using precise meteorological data, ClearAg Irrigation APIs are uniquely configured to meet the specific needs of irrigation solution providers.

  • Irrigation-specific data set in a single endpoint reduces development time and delivers optimal decision support within your application
  • Easy integration with existing dashboards or software applications quickly add value for your customers
  • ClearAg’s proprietary Land Surfacing Modeling, feeding our unique ClearAg FocusTM capabilities, provides more precise predictive analytics and recommendations for cost-effective irrigation planning and management

ClearAg Irrigation APIs

ClearAg EvapoSmartTM API
: Includes temperature, dew point, relative humidity, wind speed, precipitation, probability of precipitation, reference evapotranspiration, crop coefficents, and solar radiation to perform water budget calculations and provide more efficient management decisions

ClearAg IMFocusTM API: Utilizing proprietary ClearAg Focus modeling capabilities, IMFocus also provides evapotranspiration, root zone depth, root zone moisture, and other multi-depth parameters for more precise and specific predictive analytics based on conditions such as soil texture and irrigation activities

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