Can We Spare Ag Data Its Yearly Death?

As the Iteris ClearAg Team plans its next series of webinars focused on “Analytics & Agriculture” (be sure to sign up below!), we came across Nathan Faleide’s “Opinion: The Yearly Death of Ag Data“ on Precision Ag and could not help but wonder: can we spare ag data its yearly death?

Certainly in the age of precision farming and with the continued investments in agtech, it’s hard to believe that there isn’t a solution out there to prevent data from being “wasted and never used for anything.” As a company that distinguishes itself as a global leader in agriculture and transportation informatics, we absolutely beg to differ (and we hope that our precision ag competitors would agree as well). Through our ClearAg Platform, Iteris ingests comprehensive data from sources including weather station, meteorological satellite data, and weather radar data. From a weather standpoint, by processing these data sets and combining them with our proprietary algorithms, our users are able to identify ideal windows of time to access their fields to operate machinery or apply some type of crop treatment at a time that enables its best performance. And, this is only covering the weather aspect of our platform! We should also point out how our users leverage historical data for better understanding of product application performance, but you’ll need to tune into our webinar for those bonus details.

So, perhaps the issue here isn’t that there is a lack of solutions to help spare ag data its yearly death. As Faleide points towards in his article, it’s more that “the groups that claim they can do all these great things with data need to step up their game with better education of what can be done and what the real benefit is, not just that it can be created and transferred.” As one of “the groups that claim they can do all these great things with data,” we encourage anyone interested in moving beyond data collection to actionable insights (think: solving agricultural problems) to join us for the first of our two-part webinar series “Analytics & Agriculture: Turning Data into Decisions” on Tuesday, May 23 at 10 am CT / 8 am PT. 

We agree that there are a lot of opportunities for people to use data in agriculture, despite the fact that the adoption rate for data usage is perceivably low. And, while part of the issue may be that solution providers should better communicate their benefits on data analytics capabilities, practitioners need to realize that in order to spare ag data its yearly death, they must be willing to put it to use.

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