Next-gen data analytics with ClearAg agronomic
and environmental data science


In effort to help agribusinesses and growers produce high yields and still maintain profitable operations, allied providers design and deploy software technologies for efficient farm management.

Open and adaptive, Iteris’ ClearAg Platform allows Allied Providers to integrate agronomic and environmental data analytics into their farm management software for complete decision support functionality. Allied Providers are able to differentiate from competing FMIS providers by offering crop analytics in context to historical, current and forcasted conditions. As growers make decisions at every phase of the crop growing season, Allied Providers must strive to provide their users with the most comprehensive software offering to ensure their customers receive the maximum return on investment.

ClearAg product and services help Allied Providers:

  • Provide their customers with comprehensive decision support based on premium agronomic and environmental data
  • Offer next-gen software by leveraging ClearAg’s machine learning technology

ClearAg APIs and Components

ClearAg WeatherPlotTM

ClearAg Insights