Provide trusted guidance and recommendations
based on high quality information


As trusted advisors to growers, ag retailers strive to provide their customers with quality guidance and crop input recommendations such as which seeds or nutrients to purchase, which equipment to invest in or what technology can provide ample return on investment. In order to be successful as leading suppliers to farmers, ag retailers must ensure recommendations are based on the best available information.

While atmospheric data is abundant and in many cases a commodity, such as basic weather forecast data, Iteris is unmatched in its ability to collect, aggregate and analyze big data and present contextually relevant insights for agribusinesses and growers to make better decisions and achieve better outcomes. Iteris’ ClearAg Platform leverages numerical processing, multi-sensor weather analyses, customized soil modeling and agronomic modeling to ensure ClearAg users rely on the high quality of information for decision support. Ag retailers can better recommend product and course of action to their customers by accessing relevant and quality information from the ClearAg Platform.

ClearAg’s products and solutions help ag retailers:

  • Provide product and input recommendations to customers based on relevant, agronomic and environmental information
  • Sell more equipment and product by better understanding information in historical, current and forecast context
  • Build customer loyalty with value-added services and products

ClearAg Insights

ClearAg WeatherPlotTM