ClearAg Insights amplifies your product data for consistent and better results


ClearAg Insights is a web and mobile optimized app customized to your product’s ideal crop and environmental conditions or data models that guide users toward the product’s intended results and highest level of efficacy.

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ClearAg WeatherPlotTM

Evaluate product performance inquiries with comprehensive, relevant and location-specific data. WeatherPlotTM provides companies with relevant weather and soil information to investigate grower-reported product performance concerns, and reduce the associated costs of investigating claims.

  • Quickly and easily query weather and soil information for any location, globally, to investigate crop injury claims and concerns
  • Correlate crop performance with environmental conditions
  • Reduce the need for expensive in-field investigations, saving time and money


Customized Product Applications

Powered by ClearAg’s proprietary Weather, Soil and Agronomic data, Iteris will customize your Insight application based on specific conditions required to deliver the highest level of efficacy for your crop protection and crop nutrition products. Help growers increase productivity and optimize yields.

  • Identify trends, patterns and anomalies, and compare results based on application practices, geographies, and weather conditions
  • Create product-specific Visual Advisory Tools and Alerts to deliver recommended plans of action for your customers
  • Enable your employees, channel partners and customers with the insights they need to react to real-time conditions and make better decisions

ClearAg WeatherPlotTM

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