ClearAg Patents

U.S. Patent 9,009,087 - Impact of Time-Varying Weather Conditions on Unit Costs of Post-Harvest Crop Drying Techniques

U.S. Patent 9,031,884 - Plant Wetness and Seed Moisture for Determination of Desiccant Application

U.S. Patent 9,037,521 - Time-Variant Threshability due to Interactions Between a Crop in a Field and the Atmospheric and Soil Conditions

US Patent 9,076,118 - Harvest Advisory Modeling of Estimation of Standing Crop Dry-Down Rates, and an Estimation of Fuel Costs Using Field-Level Analysis of Weather Conditions, Observations and User Input Of Harvest Condition States

U.S. Patent 9,087,312 - Modeling Costs Associated with In-Field and Fuel-Based Drying of an Agricultural Commodity

U.S. Patent 9,131,644 - Continual Crop Development Profiling Using Dynamical Extended Range Weather Forecasting with Routine Remotely-Sensed Validation

U.S. Patent 9,140,824 - Diagnosis and Prediction of In-Field Dry-Down of a Mature Small Grain, Course Grain, or Oilseed Crop Using Field Level Analysis

U.S. Patent 9,201,991 - Risk Assessment of Delayed Harvest Operations to Achieve Favorable Crop Moisture Levels Using Field-Level Diagnosis and Forecasting of Weather Conditions and Observations and User Input of Harvest Condition States

U.S. Patent 9,292,796 - Harvest Advisory Modeling Using Field-Level Analysis of Weather Conditions and Observations and User Input of Harvest Condition States and Tool for Supporting Management of Farm Operations in Precision Agriculture

U.S. Patent 9,311,605 - Modeling of Time-Variant Grain Moisture Content for Determination of Preferred Temporal Harvest Windows and Estimation of Income Loss from Harvesting an Overly Dry Crop

U.S. Patent 9,336,492 - Modeling of Re-Moistening of Stored Grain Crop for Acceptable Time-of-Sale Moisture Level and Opportunity Windows for Operation of Storage Bin Fans Based on Expected Atmospheric Conditions

U.S. Patent 9,518,753 - Assessment Of Moisture Content Of Stored Crop, And Modeling Usage Of In-Bin Drying To Control Moisture Level Based On Anticipated Atmospheric Conditions And Forecast Time Periods Of Energy Usage To Achieve Desired Rate Of Grain Moisture Change Through Forced-Air Ventilation